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Condoms to make men lasting not "vent"

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In the life of the exhibition "treasures", does not adhere to the "discharge", is the desire of most men. However, some men but always inadequate, "battle" began not long after the surrender, let his wife orgasm before the advent of the end of the "battle". So how can a man extend the time of sexual life? In fact, as long as a small condom can make a man lasting!
Time delayed condom was divided into two kinds of physical delay and drug delay. Drugs delay through in the surface of the condom with benzocaine and other narcotic drugs and to paralysis of the male penis and reduce sensitivity, so as to prolong the life time. Drug delay for both men and women will have a bad effect on the body, do not recommend the use of. The physical delay is through the front and rear end leak proof tight, double effect one health delay. There is not much market physical delay of condoms, lasting love is one of the best shield.
In addition to the use of physical delay condoms, but also in the sexual life of a moderate distraction, as well as a lot of exercise.

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