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These condoms are best not to use

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The color of the condom on the market is colorful, there are red, white, pink, purple, blue, etc.. Since the beginning of the last century 90's, manufacturers have also introduced a variety of spices to add condoms. Color and scent of condoms are mainly to improve some people's aversion to condoms, but also in order to increase the attractiveness of. Because people can choose to use different condoms according to the color preference or the mood at the time.
Need to remind everyone that nowadays popular strawberry, chocolate and other flavors of condoms, easy to cause vaginal inflammation of women. If you want to choose this product, we must pay close attention to women's vaginal discharge abnormal problems, and try to use less.
There is also a "luminous" type of condoms, to produce light phosphorus coating, increase the sex appeal. Sensitization of phosphorus is stronger, we must carefully choose according to their own situation, not blindly novelty.

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