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Five sex climax of the digital password

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Orgasm is usually fast and slow, the two sides together to reach the most beautiful realm of sex. Do enough foreplay is a necessary condition for harmonious sex. The United States, "male health" magazine, the latest to invite a number of sex experts, opened a 15 minute to help women reach the climax of the secret. Experts call the sex code 32361".
Kiss for 3 minutes. During foreplay, kissing should be at least 3 minutes. A number of American Lafayette College study found that kissing can reduce the levels of stress hormone cortisol, and accelerate the sexual arousal. Of course, the kiss not only include the lips, a survey for 5, 000 women found, 96% of women kissing my neck as perfect foreplay. Kiss in hand do not idle. University of Cincinnati study found that while the edge of a strip of kissing, will make the two sides more passion.
Caress for 2 minutes. Paula Hall, a US sex expert, said that it was more romantic to touch than to be completely naked. Enhance the sense of anticipation is more exciting than come straight to the point. The shorter the caress, the more difficult it is for women to reach orgasm. Can be used in the process of proper use of lubricant. The United States chemical science organization found that strawberry flavor lubricant will make the senses more sensitive. The body touch, can stimulate the G-spot and clitoris and finger point PS when necessary (g opposite).
Stimulation for 3 min. Masters and Johnson Research Institute of sexual experts, said 80% of the women, with the mouth or tongue to stimulate the female external genital organs is the most reliable way to achieve orgasm. "Orgasm" author Lou Paget suggested that the Kivin method can take the fastest to help her kiss orgasm. In practice, a hand of the clitoris pull, and then licking above the clitoris, and with the other hand of a finger to touch the perineum. If you feel the woman's muscle contraction, then the action is correct.
Sexual intercourse for 6 minutes. The "Journal of Medicine published a recent study found that the strength of association with orgasm when long time more than foreplay. Another study found that women's high tide occurred on average 7 minutes after insertion. Expert advice to take a cohort of sexual intercourse skills (CAT). The technique is basically a male host (missionary) variant, stressed the use of the root of the penis or the pubic bone continues to touch the massage of the body, and then combined with synchronized movements, two people together to swing the lower body. CAT discard quick pull. This technique can make the most of women get enough stimulation, when ripe, and then insert the stimulus, easier to reach orgasm.
Hold for 1 minutes. American sex expert Dr. Unni Flath said that women are about to reach orgasm, the man do not change the posture or skills, which will lead to female distraction, sexual arousal had to restart. It is very easy to make women feel downhearted. Maintain body position, speed and pressure, more conducive to women to reach a climax. If you want to change the pattern, it is best to wait for the next passion.

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