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Love her, to avoid these 7 methods of contraception

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There are a variety of contraceptive methods, but the lack of experience for couples, if the choice of the way the body will not be hurt. Do you know what kind of contraceptive method is not desirable? Quickly with a small make up to understand!
Safe period contraception
The so-called "safe period" refers to the 7 days before menstruation and 8 days after menstruation. People also called it "the first seven after eight". This period of time is not the ovulation period of women. At this time the couple again, generally do not make the woman pregnant, so people call this period of time is called "safe period".
But the "safe period" is not absolute security. Because some women have no regular ovulation. Some women even regular ovulation, and when their emotions, living environment and physical condition of a larger change, the ovulation will lose the original law. Therefore, the safety of contraception is not safe.
Lactation contraception
Non breastfeeding mothers, usually 6 to 4 weeks after delivery, will restore ovulation, menstruation again. While breastfeeding mothers do not come to menstruation. Some people think that breastfeeding mothers do not come to menstruation, ovulation, will not be pregnant. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Lactation of pregnant women, even if not to menstruation, may also restore ovulation. If you do not use contraception during this period, it is very easy to cause the woman's "dark"". Therefore, breastfeeding mothers should also contraception.
Methods of in vitro ejaculation
Some people think that if the man in vitro ejaculation can not make the woman pregnant again. This kind of understanding is biased. Because, first of all, before the man in vitro ejaculation, there has been a small amount of semen along with the prostatic fluid into the woman's vagina. Secondly, the man in vitro ejaculation, if the action is too slow, it will also make some of the semen into the woman's vagina. This will lead to the woman's pregnancy. Long-term use of this method of contraception, but also easy to make the couple both sides because intercourse too nervous, and lead to the occurrence of neurasthenia, loss of libido and other diseases.
Vaginal irrigation
Some people think that sexual intercourse between men and women, if the woman's vagina washing can contraception. This method is actually very safe. Again, if the man ejaculation, numerous sperm will soon travel to the woman's uterine cavity. At this point, no matter how the woman's vagina washing can not be all out of the sperm in vitro. Therefore, the use of vaginal irrigation method of contraception, the woman can still be pregnant.
Method of contraception
Some people think that sexual intercourse between men and women, let the woman with urine flushing methods a vaginal contraceptive can. This is a confused understanding. A woman's vagina and urethra are two different organs. After the sexual intercourse between men and women, with the method of urine could not have another passage out of in vitro sperm.
Menopause contraception
Some menopausal women think they are old, can not be pregnant, so, in the menopause can avoid pregnancy. This is not the case. Although women in menopause have menstrual disorders, they still have an irregular ovulation. So in menopausal women, if not contraception, there is still the possibility of pregnancy.
Induced abortion
Some couples think that sex without contraception. If the woman is pregnant, do a induced abortion, still can achieve the purpose of contraception. This understanding is not only wrong, but also harmful, it is a manifestation of the woman's irresponsible. Induced abortion is a kind of remedial measure after contraceptive failure, but not a kind of contraceptive method. If women repeatedly abortion, will lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and other complications, which will seriously damage the health of their bodies.
Love her, please refuse to use these seven methods of contraception. Love her, please wear a good condom.

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