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"Outside" contraception

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At present, there are many methods of contraception, except the condom mainstream method and IUD, contraceptives and contraceptive injection and other methods. However, they all have some problems difficult to overcome, even will affect user's health and safety, intrauterine contraceptive ring in some special cases, such as strenuous exercise, doctor improper operation may cause perforation of uterus, and this form of birth control does not apply to people with certain gynecological diseases of women.
Another example is the birth control pill, is a drug three points, the pill is no exception. Long term use can cause menstrual changes, vaginal bleeding, increased vaginal discharge, such as early pregnancy reaction, etc.. It has a high demand for the application of the population, such as suffering from hypertension, diabetes, blood vessel embolism and other diseases of women can not take.
In addition, like safety period contraception contraception rate is not high, the disadvantages, subcutaneous embedding contraceptive about 20% of women in initially will produce a variety of side effects and these methods also of applicable people have very high requirements.
So experts recommend: health and safety of contraception, the first choice of condoms.

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