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Advantages and disadvantages of condoms

Easy to use condoms as a contraceptive, use of appropriate contraception works well, no side effects, cheap. Easy to promote. In addition, condoms have the following functions:
(1) to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases: the use of condoms to avoid direct contact with the genitalia of gender, which can prevent syphilis, condyloma or shower and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS glass
(2) the treatment of certain immune infertility: some infertile women are susceptible to anti-sperm antibodies. After intercourse the sperm into the cervical mucus, which enables the sperm agglutination antibody or braking, so they can not up into the uterine cavity, leading to infertility.The use of a condom 3 to 6 months, can be temporarily cut off contact with the semen, when women’s body titer of anti-sperm antibodies after falling out of condoms is expected shortly after pregnancy.
(3) adjuvant treatment of sexual dysfunction in some men: men with premature ejaculation condoms can reduce the glans of the local excitatory and help extend the time for sexual intercourse.
(4) Other: block smegma contact with the cervix, or help reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. Of course, this is not a positive measure, treat phimosis, the foreskin is too long and make genital health is a fundamental way. In addition, some women allergic to their husband’s semen during intercourse using a condom to prevent allergic reactions.
The shortcomings of contraception condoms are the following:
(1) improper use can lead to condom breakage during sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse at the end of the set left in the vagina so that semen into the vagina, resulting in contraceptive failure.
(2) after a small number of people use condoms less sexy.
(3) In the case of crowded housing will bring inconvenience to users.
(4) An individual can not be used to rubber allergy.

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