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production capacity

quality raw materials

Good quality condom made from good quality material , We use the best quality latex produced by the best gum trees in Malaysia.And we use the most advanced processing and separating technology to screen out high concertration latex with the same size of particles.

Advanced equipment

With advanced inspection equipment,we strictly control quality of products during the production line and finished products

Electronic test

Each box of condom comes from a high clear workshop. We have an advanced testing center to guarantee the good quality , ensure every condom is pass Electronic test.

Packaging and transportation

The last , all condom are packed with box , printed LOT number and expiry date …ect . After finish sampling , we pack the condom into carton , and send it to all over the world.


Guangzhou Kasen Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002.We are a professional manufacturer in developing, producing and selling latex condoms and a professional franchiser in selling lubricating oil and sex products as well .

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