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Quality assurance

1. Pin hole test :

100% Individually electronically tested. In this test, condoms are placed over metal forms that are sent through an electrical field. The insulating characteristic of rubber allows this test to find microscopic holes and thin spots ,through which electricity can pass and be detected.

2. Water leakage test:

Condoms are randomly selected from production lots and tested to ensure that there are no holes. They will be filled with water and squeezed to make sure no water leaks out.

3. Air burst test :

International safety and quality standard to accommodate 18 liters of air, and our condoms can usually be hold 40 liters of air and not burst.

4. Package integrity test:

Detecting if there is leakage of packaging .

5. Tensile test :

The samples of condoms are stretched lengthwise and crosswise to test for tensile strength and elongation.


Guangzhou Kasen Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002.We are a professional manufacturer in developing, producing and selling latex condoms and a professional franchiser in selling lubricating oil and sex products as well .

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