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company culture

In 2016--Kasen built two new subsidiary company for selling sex product .
In 2015-- CCTV Discovery Channel of the "Quality" Column reached a StrategicCooperation  with  Kasen .
In 2014--In 2014 , Kasen was awarded"One of The Most Competitive of Enterprises in Condom Industry.”
In 2013--Kasen attended  CCTV Top-level interview "Witness  Corporation  Growth" .
In 2012--Kasen was awarded"One of the Top Ten Sex Business Enterprises in China" .
In 2010--Kasen became one cooperative partner  of  CCTV  Gold  Booth . 
In 2006-- Kindon  was awarded"The  Most  Influential  Condom  Brand " .
In 2004--Kasen's brand "Kindon" was awarded"One of The Top Ten National Quality Notary Condom Brand" .
In 2002-- Guangzhou Kasen Industry Co. Ltd  was  established .
In 1998-- Originated in the herbal medicine equipment center of Puning, Guangdong, China .



Why  to  choose  Kasen  Our Advantage

1.Specializing in condom for more than 12 years
2.Professional design team to offer personalized condom customization
3.100% electronically pin hole test to easure high quality condoms
4.Obtained more than ten exclusive patents, our products are unique
5.The only enterprise cooperate with  CCTV in condom industry
6.One-stop intimate service


Guangzhou Kasen Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002.We are a professional manufacturer in developing, producing and selling latex condoms and a professional franchiser in selling lubricating oil and sex products as well .

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